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2008 iec 3-D flower class
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the event has come and gone...the project is still available

the 3-dimensional flowers project will actually sew a 3-D clematis.
you will use easy techniques and learn the secrets to make the
machine and the fabric do the work.  you won't believe how easy it is.

this project is a sample from the 3-D flowers and butterflies collection.  it is an additional flower.

the  digital picture instructions make it easy for you to do this
project at home.

the kit makes a 3-dimensional clematis perfect for embellishing
clothing and hair accessories or use as a boutonniere, corsage, in a bouquet, make a wreath, make a candle ring.  use the flower wherever you would use silk flowers.  made of fabric, they'll last forever!  make a perfect memento for weddings and other special occasions.

the kit includes:
multi-formatted 4" x 4" designs on cd
all fabric supplies
all the "secret" ingredients

kit fee is $15.00

the clematis:


order by e-mailing

2008 indiana embroidery conference hands-on class
columbus, indiana

all designs & instructions are created by and belong to ishkabbibbel, inc.  no copying of any kind in any manner is permitted.  no resale or gifting of the designs or instructions is permitted.  as long as you personally are doing the embroidery, there is no limit on numbers you may sew or finished projects you may sell using this project.  all sales final.

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