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all-in-the-hoop poof alphabet
zoobie pets
2008 iec smocking
2008 iec 3-D flower class
all-in-the-hoop 3-dimensional flowers & butterflies
all-in-the-hoop bookmarks
all-in-the-hoop poof alphabet
all-in-the-hoop portmanteaux collection
all-in-the-hoop portmanteaux collection details
all-in-the-hoop quilted jewelry
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this all-in-the hoop machine embroidery applique alphabet
is perfect for personalizing:

blankets, bibs, burp cloths, pillow cases, tote bags, clothing, quilts,
home dec, athletic bags, purses ... anything and everything
letters and numbers, upper and lower case, 4 sizes


2" x 2"  a - z  upper case
2" x 2"  a - z  lower case
2" x 2"  0 - 9
4" x 4"  a - z  upper case
4" x 4"  a - z  lower case
4" x 4"  0 - 9
5" x 7"  a - z  upper case
5" x 7"  a - z  lower case
5" x 7"  0 - 9
6" x 10"  a - z  upper case
6" x 10"  a - z  lower case
6" x 10"  0 - 9

248 total designs

CD collection $39.95 ... E-MAIL attachment $29.95

purchase the multi-format CD or the design collection as a zipped e-mail attachment by e-mailing

call or e-mail for other payment options

all designs & instructions are created by and belong to ishkabbibbel, inc.  no copying of any kind in any manner is permitted.  no resale or gifting of the designs or instructions is permitted.  as long as you personally are doing the embroidery, there is no limit on numbers you may sew or finished projects you may sell using this project.  all sales final.

ishkabbibbel, inc. p.o. box 42060 cincinnati, ohio 45242 513-652-8546

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